Naomi Davies

Naomi has been sharing her Yoga for over 10 years as Yogababe and has undergone over 1000 hours of training.  She enjoys practising all types of Yoga but adapts her teaching style to support each life stage. Her passion is especially for Women – and Naomi specialises in Yoga for Women’s Health Fertility, Pregnancy, Postnatal &, peri/menopause years.

She also regularly teaches Yoga in the Workplace and Yoga for Children as well as Hatha & Yin Yoga, Nidra & Sound classes.

Hatha Yoga

These friendly classes will explore fundamental Yoga practices – postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), relaxation, meditation, mantra, mudra and much more. Hatha Yoga will help bring balance to the body and mind. Classes are suitable for all levels and can be weaved easily into your everyday life bringing calm, worth, positivity and self empowerment as well as strength and flexibility. Regardless of any physical/emotional/mental restrictions, practices can be modified to your level and you will be encouraged to be brave in your practice.

Restore the Soul – Sound. Relax in Savansa and experience a deeply relaxing and lovingly created sound bath with a range of instruments – Tibetan Singing bowl, Drum, Chinese Wind Gong, Rainstick & bells.

Women’s Yoga Circle

We come together as equals in the Yoga circle to practice powerful but gentle Yoga – raising our inner Shakti (feminine energy) and finding strength, power, wellbeing and belief in your self and connecting to your natural cycles of life….. so great for busy women at all times including, fertility, post pregnancy, peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause and for mentrual awareness.

There will be all sorts of blissful Yoga practices – physical postures and flowing sequences, meditations, breath-work, mudra, mantra, nidra and sound Yoga…. and more.

This fusion of practices can help you at all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically: soothing the nervous system; helping with stress, anxiety and difficult feelings; stimulating circulation and energy to the pelvic area – bringing harmony to the reproductive, digestive, eliminatory and endocrine systems.

Also – ALL practices are adaptable if you are suffering from any specific ailments or worries, do let me know!

T: 07801 350469

Drop-in prices:
60 min: £9
75 min: £10
90 min: £12

Block prices – buy 5, get 1 free:
6 x 60 mins: £45
6 x 75 mins: £50
6 x 90 mins: £60

Caroline Rose

Caroline came to Yoga in 2000, seeking relief from work related stress.

She was hooked instantly and continued her journey into Yoga at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre studying Sivananda Yoga, before exploring Hatha and Vinyasa flow styles, which led her to discovering the transformative power of Yoga.

After years of practice and a growing passion, she realised how Yoga had changed her forever anxious self into someone a lot more serene and able to deal with life’s curveballs in a calm way.

She decided to take Yoga Teacher Training and bring this wonderful experience to as many people as possible.

She trained with Brenda Louw from Chill Out Yoga in Suffolk and completed the Independent Yoga Network 200 Hour Teaching Diploma. During this training, she was encouraged to develop her own style and find her own voice.

Her classes are a thoughtful blend of breathwork, asanas (postures) and a meditative relaxation with a caring and inclusive approach and many modifications to suit all.

Caroline has since undertaken further training in Yoga in Mental health with Ellen Lee, Supporting students with Injury with Andrew McGonigle ( Dr Yogi), Yoga for Arthritis ( Yoga International) and is currently completing a course on Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) with Barefoot Body Training.

Please contact Caroline to book:
Tel: 07912 749 611

Drop-in prices:
60 min: £9
75 min: £10
90 min: £12

Block prices – buy 5, get 1 free:
6 x 60 mins: £45
6 x 75 mins: £50
6 x 90 mins: £60

Lucy Greeves

I believe that our natural condition is to be comfortable in our own skins. Through yoga, I want to help my students rediscover this “happy body” state. Since I started teaching ten years ago, it has been my privilege to work with a great many students: each one of them unique, and each one of them longing to come home to their body in a way that felt meaningful, safe and right.

In my classes, we explore both static asana (physical postures) and flowing sequences, combined with breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. As a student, you start from wherever you are on this particular day, learning to practise safely and with awareness as you cultivate a stronger, more balanced body and a calmer, more open mind.

I qualified as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2010. My further formal training has included modules in trauma-sensitive yoga and yoga for anxiety and depression.

Wed 6-7.15pm / £10 drop-in / £50 for 6 classes

In this class we keep the pace fairly slow and steady, often moving through sequences of postures but leaving plenty of time to breathe and explore the optimal alignment for you. It’s a gentle but thoroughly strengthening approach, suitable for most people except complete beginners.

Wed 7.30-9pm / £50 (starting 6 November / 15 Jan / 4 March)

This empowering course is great for people coming back to yoga after injury, childbirth or a long break, as well as for complete newcomers. Over 4 sessions, we explore the basics of yoga movement, breathing and balance, as well as enjoying deep, guided relaxation. Perhaps most importantly, we practise interoception (sensing what’s happening in my body) and self-determination (making choices based on what I feel), building confidence and laying the foundations for a lifelong practice.

Contact Lucy to book: 07725 624 938 or
Instagram: @lucykgreeves

Drop-in prices:
60 min: £9
75 min: £10
90 min: £12

Block prices – buy 5, get 1 free:
6 x 60 mins: £45
6 x 75 mins: £50
6 x 90 mins: £60

Caroline Arduini

✨ Caroline has been a dedicated yogini for over 13 years with a 500 hour RYT qualification undertaken in the homeland of Yoga – India. ✨ Integrating the alchemy of yoga and heart wisdom into life, both on and off the mat, Caroline is driven by a commitment to embody Love, Connect to the Soul Self and Expand Consciousness. She teaches with Love and Enthusiasm for Yoga, Meditation and Heart Nature Wisdom and the transformation they can bring 💕 Greenheart is a heartfelt calling to assist others in applying yogic principles and universal laws of Love to unfold the Heart – blooming from within for a life lived with Ease, Grace and Flow 🦋

💗HeartFul Hatha Flow Yoga – with an emphasis on deep conscious breath, you will be lead on a themed journey of breath work and  traditional yoga postures, sprinkled with yogic philosophy and Heart Wisdom. Use the breath to flow slowly and with awareness from one posture to the next for a meditative and enlivening practice. Leave class feeling strong and flexible in body, balanced in mind and energised yet calm in spirit.

🌈All classes are suitable for beginners or those who wish to deepen / enliven their practice (of yoga and or meditation). You will be given the tools and understanding on how begin your own practice. 🌺 121’s and private group sessions also available.

Caroline also works with Essential Oils for the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. As a DoTerra wellness advocate, oily consultations, 121’s and workshops are offered.

For further info and booking please contact Caroline:
Tel 07817 266 784

Prema Jyoti (Louise Fortunato)

Prema Jyoti (otherwise known as Louise Fortunato) is a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher, mindfulness trainer and Integrated Yoga Therapist. She is also qualified to teach the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, level 1, which she offers in Essex.

As a yoga therapist, Prema Jyoti has vast experience teaching expertly adapted yoga to those living with trauma (including PTSD), anxiety, fatigue and long-term illness/chronic pain. She is also trained to teach the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction model formulated by Jon Kabat Zinn.  Her approach is inclusive, gentle and informative, blending classical yoga and mindfulness practices with her knowledge of cutting edge neuro-scientific understanding of the mind/body interface.

For more information on her work with PTSD and anxiety see


Classes / Courses :

Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness

Wednesdays 1.15 pm – 2.45 pm (starts 26th Feb)

Deeply restful yoga, relaxation and mindfulness practices that ground and relax the body, calm (and often re-frame) the mind and positively impact the nervous system. Suitable for both those new to yoga and for experienced students who are seeking ways to reduce stress, anxiety and/or fatigue.

Initial trial session half price (£5).  Then £10 per session with monthly up-front block booking and payment required (e.g. typically 4 sessions in the month at £40).

Contact or call 01206 272453 to book.


Mindfulness for Chronic Pain at the Manor Health & Wellness Centre

Eight-week course, meeting on Sunday afternoons from 2 – 4 pm (begins 1st March 2020).

Living with chronic pain can be isolating, debilitating, stressful and demoralising.  Sometimes even exercising can lead to flare ups and fatigue, making us withdraw from activity, which in turn affects our fitness and wellbeing.  Mindfulness meditation and practices have been shown in studies to be effective for helping chronic pain sufferers cope with their condition more effectively and in some cases reduce incidences of flare-ups and inflammation.  This introductory eight-week course on Mindfulness for Chronic Pain will cover the principles of mindfulness in relation to health in mind and body and provide a variety of practices designed to calm the nervous system, ease pain and help with fear and negative thoughts relating to both pain and illness.

Course dates:   1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th March & 5th, 19th 26th April 2020.

Course fee: £150.00 (includes resources)

Contact Prema Jyoti (Louise) via  or call 01206 272453 to book.


Yoga & Spirituality  –  six month personal development course.

Course dates for 2020 (10th May, 7th June, 12th July, 13th Sept, 11th Oct, 15th Nov)

Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of Devotion and for some a doorway to spiritual enlightenment.  Many of the yoga practices that we know from our modern day classes seem to have a practical health and wellbeing oriented purpose to them but we don’t all experience them or practice them as a pathway to spiritual growth.  Nevertheless, many ancient yogic texts speak of enlightenment, discovery of the Self, the loss of the ego and ultimately of union with the Divine. Indeed, in past centuries/millennia, yoga was often taught only to priests, monks and spiritual seekers.

This six month course (1 full Sunday per month from 10 am – 4pm) examines some of the classical yogic texts concerned with spiritual enlightenment and discovery of the so-called Self, with a view to understanding more about the origins of yoga and the historical/philosophical and religious influences that have shaped it.  Students will also learn yogic practices and concentration/meditation techniques that enable us to find the quiet space within for either self-nourishment and personal growth or for the purposes of devotion/connectivity to God / Higher Consciousness.

Please note, this course is not “religious” in terms of being oriented to one particular faith. It is open to persons of any faith or agnostics and those with an open, enquiring mind.

Suitable for those with at least two years of consistent yoga practice. 

Course fee £325.00

To book this course or other courses/classes please contact Prema Jyoti (Louise) on:

01206 272453