Menopause Support

Sarah is passionate about supporting women through the 3 phases of Menopause so that you can lead the life you truly desire and deserve, happy, healthy and fulfilled.

From Peri to Post Menopause Sarah empowers women with the most up to date evidence based information that will give you a toolbox of amazing skills, top tips and a plan to get you through this life phase positively.

Take back your power, transform your health and make the 3rd age the best years of your life yet!

Do you suffer with any of the following?

Brain Fog
Pain & Stiffness
Hot Flushes
Night Sweats
Mood Swings
Erratic Periods
Skin Problems
Weight Gain
Vaginal Dryness
Urinary Incontinence
Low Libido

These are all symptoms that we can encounter during Peri- Menopause and guess what? We don’t have to!

Sarah works holistically creating a bespoke wellness program for you that combines looking at Nutrition, Stress Management, Movement and Sleep. All of these combined plays a huge part in our hormonal health. Get them right and you can feel your symptoms disappear and your health dramatically improve. Sarah works with a team of experienced practitioners including Physiotherapists, Hypnotherapists, Pilates and Yoga instructors to provide you with the best program tailored to your needs.

Sarah works with women on a 1-1 basis, in groups in person and online so there is an option for everyone.

There really is no need for you to suffer in silence you just need the right tools so that you can thrive and sail through the menopausal years feeling stronger and healthier, physically and emotionally than ever before.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute discovery call and take a look at my programs on my website.

Sarah Pinckney

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